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Meraki (μεράκι) (n.):  The soul, love, or creativity put into something. The essence of yourself that you put into your work

It took me years to find precisely the right word to capture myself, those I love, places I love the most, and the writing, scenes, songs, countries, and its people which have captivated my soul. My heart seems to feel things deeper than the average human being, and my eyes see the world's shades of color differently. It is all these elements which one channels into the work they do with a deep passion: Meraki. The essence of my heart which delicately lends itself to each word scrawled on grainy piece of paper atop a ship in the middle of the Aegean sea, and each photo I capture. The things I taste, smell, touch, breathe, and live. 

Meraki is my favorite Greek word because it simply cannot be translated in the English language; rather, it is made up of a multitude of things. So I created Meraki as a way to house bits and pieces of experiences, thoughts, stories, and photos I’ve acquired throughout the years and going forward. A tale of a home in two countries. I wish to inspire others to the beauty which lies on all corners of this earth, and the power we have within us to document these moments.

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