Oh So Switzerland: Zurich & Lucerne

June 10, 2018

I have a confession: I often get so bogged down by wanting a post to be perfect, that it delays its publication! So here are the high points:

1) Stefan Loridas and I went to Switzerland.

2) We ate champagne truffles from Teuscher, rated by National Geographic as the "#1 chocolatier in the world"(heaven). We also devoured Swiss cheese and delicious Garnacha wine from the region of Navarre, Spain while taking in the lake views and I've never been so happy.

3) The Swiss are incredible dressers, with Zurich being the global center for banking and finance (also meaning that everything closes at about 11 pm).

4) We were barely there for 48 hours and stayed in an airbnb in Zurich, and a hotel in Lucerne. Lucerne is only an hour train ride away from Zurich HB, the main train station. We were enjoying the beautiful scenic views of the Swiss countryside so much that we almost missed our stop, and toppled out of the train just in time with Stefan Loridas awarded the brother-of-the-year award for carrying my suitcase.

5) There is a gorgeous mountain outside of Lucerne called Mount Pilatus. I'm terrified of heights, despite having spent my entire life driving around the cliffs to my dad's horio (village) in Greece. We rode a "ski lift" up the side of the mountain to the Hotel Pilatus-Kulm, 2,132 meters above sea level. We took in the breathtaking views over cups of espresso, then descended the mountain in the steepest cogwheel train in the world! It ended being one of the most worthwhile and beautiful experiences of my life.

6) Up next is France :)

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